henley skirt, champagne twist

The Henley Skirt

henley skirt, champagne twist
The Henley Skirt

I have been rather busy of late with a project which is (fingers crossed) due at the end of the month.  But, never fear, my sewing machine was always near.

I completed this skirt a couple of weeks ago. It’s a self drafted, box pleated number, with in-seam pockets and a side zip opening.  Now the tricky part was the zip.  I had to figure out how to attach both the pocket and the zip to the side seam, whilst ensuring that the stripes matched.  I managed it, but it must admit to a little hair tearing out.

I intend to make a top with the least over scraps of fabric, which I can wear with the skirt to make a ‘dress’ or as a summer top to wear with jeans.

All in all, this was a fun, if challenging make, and I’m very pleased with the outcome.  The only slight problem, it took me so long to make the skirt, I managed to loose some of my Christmas weight (yes I know!) and now the waist is too big.  But I can fix that with some belt loops and a sash.

I’m looking forward to wearing this number now that the sun has paid a visit. Maybe in time for ‘Me Made May’.

Details:  Henley Skirt

Item: Mid length, box pleat skirt with side opening and in-seam pockets

Fabric: Regatta by Michael Miller

Construction: 100% cotton fabric

Pattern: Self drafted

sewing challenge 2016 homemade clothing , accessories and soft furnishings

My next sewing projects include the aforementioned top, 2 Susie blouses, a pattern by Sew Over It, a dress, which is currently waiting for me to finish it, and at some point some trousers – if I can find the right pattern.  Looks like I’m going to have to draft that too 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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