Pineapple Print Skirt ananas jupe

My Great Big Sewing Resolution – Pineapple Skirt: The Result


Well, it took longer than expected due,  but I’m happy to introduce to you my brand new skirt.

Pineapple Print Skirt ananas jupe
Pineapple Print Skirt

The inspiration

I discovered a beautiful skirt on Kollabora, made with a pineapple print fabric, and immediately wanted to make one. I was attracted by the golden pineapples, which somehow made the skirt look luxurious.

It took me a few minutes to track down the fabric, but I struggled with the justification of purchasing more material, to add to my already ridiculous stash.  So I left the fabric in the online basket.  The very next day, it was on sale at half price! I figured after that it was meant to be.

It’s strange how a sale can justify so many things in life.

The making of the Pineapple Skirt

I ran out of black invisible zips.  The closest I had was a grey one, so after much self debate, I concluded that I couldn’t break my resolution. So I did the only thing I could – now please don’t be alarmed – I used the grey zip on a black skirt.  I know, I know.

Not only that, I coloured it with a permanent black marker pen!  Hey, it worked! I’m proud of the fact that I’m resourceful, but still a little ashamed that I committed the sin of using a zip that didn’t match.  But the point of an invisible zip is that you don’t see it, so I think I got away with it – just.

Here is my pineapple print skirt, together with my Bailen top.

Skirt, slanted pockets, jupe, anana
Golden Pineapple Outfit

The fabric is lovely to handle and great to sew.  It was a little sheer, hence the reason I lined it.  I think the lining gives the skirt a great structure, without making the skirt too heavy.

I hand stitched the hem, although I was tempted to try out the blind stitch facility on the sewing machine. However, something inside me just screamed – NO! So, 1 hour of hand stitching followed.  My fingers still hurt.


  • Fabric used: Ananas Pineapple print in Caviar, cotton mix, by Aime comme Marie and plain black polyester lining
  • Pattern used: Self drafted box pleat skirt, with slanted pockets
  • Amount used: 3 meters (1.5 m shell and 1.5 lining)
  • Special features: Slanted pockets, side invisible zip opening

Ananas by Aime comme Marie

Outfit design

I designed the skirt to go with the Bailen top, and when the weather is warmer I shall team it with a black cardigan, shoes and accessories, then pretend to be a trendy gal about town.

New skills learnt/Practiced

Slanted Pockets

It as the first time I have drafted a pattern featuring slanted pockets, and now that I know how to do it, there will be no stopping me.  I often use in seam pockets, but I wanted to do something special with this skirt, and I’m so glad I did. I was inspired by this post featuring a guest tutorial by Lisa of Sew Over It.


As it was a self drafted skirt I’ve made before, it was a pretty straight forward sewing task. The only major-ish issue was running out of the correct coloured zip.

Overall result

Very happy with the skirt, and can’t wait to wear it.  I adore the pockets and look forward to incorporating that style into other garments. As it’s lined, I can wear the skirt from Spring right through to Autumn.

Next sewing challenge

Having discovered a free t-shirt pattern online, I’m going off grid from the schedule, so my next item is going to be a Liberty print top. I’ve just completed assembling the paper pattern, so I hope to be able to complete by the end of the month, if not sooner.

Please comment!

What do you think of my skirt? Please comment below as I would love to hear about your sewing adventures.

Thanks for reading and see you soon 🙂