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Yesterday, I reviewed the Zingy Thingy pud from Freaks of Nature. Today, from the same company I’m taste testing a second from the range, Mango Fandango.

mango fandango

Like Zingy Thingy, Mango Fandango is gluten, dairy, egg and soya free. The pudding consists of a vanilla posset atop a mango and passion fruit coulis.

Freaks of Nature know how to make coulis. Like the previous flavour, the mango and passion fruit combo packs a flavour punch. The consistency is lovely and smooth, has a great colour yet manages to do so without an over sweet saccharine after taste.

The vanilla posset has a smooth, creamy texture, with flecks of vanilla powder through out.  Personally, as a fan of vanilla, I could have done with a little more.

Freaks of Nature Mango Fandango - mango and passion fruit puree vanilla posse
Freaks of Nature Mango Fandango – review by

An extremely clever addition are the chopped pistachios, which are separated in an sealed compartment on top.  This gives the option of sprinkling the pistachios, making an interactive treat, or leaving as is. You do get added crunch if you use the nuts, but the desert isn’t lessened without them.  It also means of course those who don’t like pistachios can still enjoy this pudding, without feeling left out.

I’m still impressed with the packaging, with the minimal use of plastic. Other luxury individual pud manufactures should take note. As I mentioned, I’ve recycled the robust pots for my sewing kit.

Freak of Nature - recycling container | Champagne Twist
Freak of Nature – recycling container | Champagne Twist

Another great pud from Freaks of Nature. The 3rd and final taste test will be posted soon. I’m expecting great things from the final one. Stayed tuned to find out the results.

Disclaimer:  I was gifted 3 different items from Freaks of Nature, which I have decided to review. This post is not sponsored and I have not been remunerated in any way. The opinions featured are my own.