Champagne Twist Destash Page – now live!


Last Saturday I hosted my very first Instagram Destash. Today, I’m pleased to announce that I’m hosting another Destash, this time on the Champagne Twist blog.


Head over to the Destash page, to seek out craft related bargains, including cards, fabrics, haberdashery, books and so much more.  The Destash page is permanent, and updated every Friday, so subscribe and check out the bargains before you miss out.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. I can only accept Paypal payments, as I think this is the easiest, quickest and safest way to do this.
  2. Postage is not included in the price and will be added on to your invoice.
  3. All measurements stated are approximate.
  4. Any defects, marks or imperfections will be highlighted as clearly as possible.
  5. To purchase an item, just fill in the form with your purchase requests.  First come, first served.
  6. I will then send you an invoice, payable immediately. Please note, dispatch can only occur after I have successfully received correct payment.
  7. All sales once confirmed are final.
  8. Packaging is free of charge – as I believe in recycling as much as possible, please be aware that the packaging will not be brand new – EXCEPT FOR BABY CLOTHING and BUTTON PURCHASES, where the inside packaging will be new.  Any recycled packaging will be of good quality and more than adequate to ensure the safe arrival of your purchases.  Postage will be charged at the lowest possible rate.
  9. I will obtain a proof of postage certificate for each parcel sent. Please allow up to 5 working days for domestic delivery after confirmed despatch and 15 working days for overseas delivery after confirmed dispatch.

If you would like to send me pictures of what you have done with the items, that would be great. No obligation, I’m just nosy and would love to see how the items will be used. 🙂

Thanks for reading, any questions, please either comment below or send me a message.

Lulu Guinness - Modern Day Icons Event, Covent Garden

Lulu Guinness – Modern Day Icons event part 3 – review continued


Well as promised, here’s the next part of the Modern Day Icons event review.

Modern Day Icons, Lulu Guinness, Panel 2
Panel 2 (from left to right) Beccy Hill, Leoni Kibbey and Diane Chire                 (Photo source: Francesca Hodge Instagram)

Photo source:

2nd Panel

Diana Chire

A remarkable performance artist, Diana spoke of how she started making her own performance act videos, which created a positive buzz around her work. She mentioned as part of one of her performance projects, she shaved her head, that gave her a liberating feeling, as opposed to being constantly imaged linked with her afro.

Beccy Hill

Beccy’s achievements as editor-in-chief of zine ‘Sister‘ is all the more remarkable, as many a title in the print media have folded despite heavy backing. Ironically the 9 week old newspaper, ‘New Day’ published it’s last edition yesterday.

A former journalist, Beccy agreed with fellow panelist Diana, that it’s important, to “do it yourself”, if you want to start a project or new business.

Leoni Kibbery

Leoni’s CV must easily extend over 4 pages. Actress, film festival organiser, film casting, to name just a few of her roles, and manages to do all at iconic standards.  One of her gems of advice which particularly stuck a cord with me, was to ensure that you have a good support network round you.  Check out a video she recommend to watch called, ‘the Lone Nut’, which may go some way to explain …

It is not often I attend an event and leave uplifted and keen to take on my corner of the globe. The event exceeded my expectations and feel that we were given an arsenal of advice. A wonderful event, beautifully organised and to boot we got to shop as well.

Here’s hoping that this will be the first of many such events at Lulu Guinness.

Read more about the Lulu Guinness Modern Day Icons project here.

If you would like to read my first 2 posts about the Modern Day Icons event, please click the links below.

Modern Day Icons part 1

Modern Day Icons part 2

Thanks for reading.



February highlights


Can you believe it’s March already? Time is certainly flying, but I welcome the first day of Spring with relish. Here are some of last month’s highlights on Champagne with a Twist.

1) Champagne Life Exhibition, Saatchi Gallery

2) New Champagne with a Twist Welcome YouTube Video

3) Recipe of the month

Roman Bread
Roman Bread – recipe Champagne with a Twist 

4) London Fashion Week A/W 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 16.30.08

My playlist of the top ten shows of London Fashion week AW16

5) Sewing project of the month

Skirt, slanted pockets, jupe, anana
Golden Pineapple Outfit

What’s happening this month?

More recipes, artists to follow and health and beauty articles. More fashion sewing challenges and affordable DIY projects to complete, so stay tuned to Champagne with a Twist.  Please follow, comment and like.

Thanks as always, and see you soon 🙂

My Great Big Sewing Resolution 2016: The Schedule

Sewing Resolution 2016

The 31st January deadline has final arrived, and I’m making a few more cheeky last minute purchases, before the self inflicted shopping ban is in full force. As a reminder, I have vowed not to buy any more fabric or sewing related materials until I have used up at least 20% of my current stash.  In order to justify this spending spree, here are my sewing plans for 2016.

Sewing Plans
Sewing Plans 2016 – sketches. Champagne with a twist

2016 Sewing List:

  1. Cami Dress – yellow
  2. Vintage Shirt Dress – floral print
  3. Spring Woodland Dress
  4. Bicycle Dress
  5. ‘Portrait’ Skirt
  6. 1940s Tea Dress – red floral print
  7. Chanel Inspired Jacket
  8. Casual Smart Jacket
  9. Study Hall Skirt
  10. Sewing Apron
  11. D&G Inspired Daisy Dress (re-fashion project)
  12. Sun Dress – CK blue print (completion project)
  13. ‘Fashionista’ Circle Skirt (completion project)
  14. ‘Speakeasy’ Needlecord Skirt (re-fashion project)
  15. ‘Knobby Knee’ Skirt
  16. Various soft furnishing projects

Items made so far this year:

  1. Silk Cami – green satin
  2. Bailen Camisole top
  3. ‘Pineapple’ Self Drafted Skirt with Slanted Pockets
  4. Liberty Lobelia Top

Items in progress:

  1. Kimono

Quite a list don’t you think!

As I progress, I shall be posting more sketches, mood boards and general background information about items I am making, as well as sewing related tips I discover along the way.

Tomorrow, I shall post my DIY plans for 2016, including my perhaps over ambitious ideas for the study.

Have you started your New Years Resolutions? Have you kept any of them? Feel free to share your plans below in the comments box.

See you tomorrow!


New Contact Page



As part of the ongoing improvements on the Champagne with a Twist website, I have updated the contact page. I would love to hear what you think about the website, so please click the picture above or check it out here.

Look out for more posts including recent exhibitions, talks and my sewing adventures for 2016.  Also keep an eye out for food reviews, recipes, tech reviews, travel news, photography tips and DIY projects all here at Champagne with a Twist.

Thanks for your on-going support, see you soon!

D&G Inspired Daisy Dress: Update

Hello all,

Well the search continues for the large appliqué daisies. BTW if you know where I can source them, please, please, pretty please, could you let me know. Comment below and I shall be eternally grateful.

As I was searching amongst my own clothes for inspiration,  I suddenly remembered a sale purchased dress I had hand decorated with a daisy trim last year.


Daisy Dress
Daisy Dress as inspired by Dolce and Gabbana

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 21.53.36

Hey D&G, I did this last year! I want a word with you two.  There may be 1 or 2 slight differences between my dress and D&Gs … namely the big daisy appliques and the price!

I teamed my dress with a yellow cardigan, scarf and bag and neutral sandals for a late spring, early summer city day trip look.  Again, I didn’t spend a great deal, which goes to show you can achieve super designer looks, without spending a fortune (and in my case before the designers had showcased it on the catwalk! But I’m not bitter.)

And look here, the same dress but in a different colour way, this time using guipure lace flower trim to decorate the neckline.

D&G Daisy Dress
D&G Inspired Daisy Dress

Why not have a go yourself, and showcase your results here on Champagne with a Twist.  Please comment below. Thanks for reading!


Dolce and Gabbana daisy embroidered dress.

The Dolce and Gabbana Daisy Dress Sewing Challenge

Hello all,

Have you seen this dress?

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 21.53.36

Dolce and Gabbana Spring/Summer 2016 collection

Picture source:

This first caught my attention during the promo for the new ITV Be show Fearne & Gok: Off The Rails. I think this dress is divine.  I searched the internet with a view to buy the dress, saw the price and somehow the sparkle wore off.  I know this is a Dolce & Gabbana number, but £1,550?  REALLY?  People, we can do better.

I have just completed my Silk Cami top (pictures up tomorrow, weather permitting) and I’ve started my next challenge (a surprise – tune in tomorrow) but I have decided to go off plan and make my version of the daisy dress.

What do you think about the D&G daisy dress? Are you going to buy one, or make your own? Please comment below, and join me tomorrow for more news about my further sewing adventures.

Sewing Resolution 2016

New Year, New Wardrobe?

It’s the time of year where we’re not only thinking about starting a new health and fitness regime, we’re thinking about updating our look.

With the demise of Catherine Kallon’s Red Carpet Fashion Awards website, the search is on for a new fashion guru.  But have you thought about being your own fashion expert?

On a recent trip to Harrods, I came across a rather lovely looking skirt from the current Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 10.21.04
Burnt orange wool and silk         flared mini skirt                                    Victoria, Victoria Beckham         Source:

The retail price is £270.  At that point I stopped liking it so much.  But what ho!, I have a similar skirt hanging in my wardrobe.

The Victoria, Victoria Beckham Look Outfit photo credit:

I purchased this skirt during the Jaeger Boutique sale about a year ago, for about £30. I unpicked the hem, added black bias binding to add detail and for extra length, and voila!

Teamed with a black, long sleeved top and vintage frock coat, this will form part of my ‘new look’. Fashion maths, that’s a saving of £240. The champagne lifestyle on a budget continues in 2016!

Do you have any items in your wardrobe which can be styled to current fashion trends?  Why not share them with us? Please leave your comments and photos below.


Health and Beauty Sundays – Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom Cologne – Review

Please note:
I have not been paid or endorsed in any way for the review below by Jo Malone or any other company. The opinions stated in this review are my own.

I have been waiting fro the post to arrive for a couple of weeks to bring me this  – a free sample of the new Mimosa and Cardamon Cologne, which if you’re already a fan of Jo Malone, you will have seen heavily advertised.

Jo Malone mimosa cardamom perfume review

Normally I’m sceptical of veering from my usual range of perfumes, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this sample.  The Mimosa and Cardamon cologne has a well balanced sweet and spicy scent, which is not in anyway over powering. Despite this, it’s long lasting, the aroma was still present 4 hours after application.

I would wear this as an everyday scent, but it could easily double up as an evening perfume. I would also favour wearing this during the Summer, Autumn and early Winter months. For Late Winter I tend to wear more spicy scents and in Spring I personally prefer a more airy, floral perfume.

Overall, I like this fragrance so much, I’m seriously considering making room for it in my collection.


Rating 4.5 out of 5

For more information visit the Jo Malone site here.

Have you already tried this fragrance? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Thanks for reading.