Marvellous distractions during Coronavirus

At the time of writing, (11am), my day has already been made. Why?, you may ask. Well, after checking today’s TV listings, I discovered that Marvel’s Avengers Assemble is being broadcast later on BBC1, and now I’m planning my whole evening’s entertainment around this movie.

Yes, I know it’s sad, but a) I don’t care – I fully acknowledge that this is a ‘sad’ act, and fully embrace it. I love Marvel movies and I’m happy for the whole world to know it.  OK so the only being I can physically tell this to is the neighbour’s cat, but it still counts and b) my thinking is, we should all take whatever joy, whether it be big or small, and make the most of it.

Funny enough, I was planning on downloading the Marvel Infinity Saga – that’s over 20 movies in case you were unaware – this morning, until I realised that at around £14 per movie, they are way out of my price league.  Hence, you may now understand why I’m made up that the BBC is broadcasting the Avengers tonight. It’s only 1 more, but it makes a huge difference. It’s saved me £14 already.

Films, whether it be new discoveries or old classics are the main distraction for me, as I try to ride out this whole isolation situation. In fact, films have helped me through numerous situations, from the stress of waiting for exam results, to distracting me from the general annoyances of daily life. In a way, I view this weird period of life as a welcome distraction in itself.

Up until a week ago I was working all the hours I could to set up my business, only for it to fall at the first hurdle because of this dreaded disease. Well it didn’t even get the chance to reach the first hurdle. It never occurred to me to include ‘near total global shutdown of life as we know it’, on my S.W.O.T. analysis report. The biggest threat I listed was an attack of greenfly, and I felt silly writing that.

I count myself as very lucky and am so grateful that I’m able to sustain myself at least for the time being. The point I’m badly trying to make is, make hay while the sun shines. This is a wake up call for all of us.  How many times have we said ‘oh I want to see that movie’, only for something trivial, but we think vitally important at the time, to prevent us from enjoying our time?  How many family events have been missed, how many times have we pushed back on our dreams.

I’m not saying that self isolation is fun for everyone, but I am suggesting that everyone, if they can, should take this time and just think where we are all going in life.  Do we really need to live the way we do in order to have a good life? Do we really need 200 pairs of shoes, when we many of us today can’t even wear one pair to walk past our front gate?

Tomorrow, I’m going back to the drawing board, and will try to salvage what I can from my business plans.  I will also be sowing more vegetable and flower seeds, just in case this situation continues for a prolonged period.

But tonight, imagine me parked on the sofa, with a big bowl of warm, freshly popped popcorn, watching the formation of a group of super heroes, fighting the invaders of the planet.  Maybe it will provide a few ideas for our current real life situation.

Shopping during Coronavirus

This is just a quick note to say hi, and I hope you are all well and doing OK under these strange circumstances.

And also just to say this.

toilet paper roll on canvas bag
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Here, in the UK, we are fortunate to live in the 5th richest country in the world. You do not need to stock pile on loo paper  – or anything else for that matter. Please do not stock pile, and just purchase what you need.  There is more than enough for all of our needs, but not enough for our greeds.

Panic buying will only make an already bad situation potentially far, far worse.  It won’t be this horrible virus that will end us, it will be our collective selfishness and greed.

So, please, before you head down the shops, think before you buy.

I will be posting more content over the next few days on Twitter, YouTube and on this platform, so stay tuned for tips, hints and even the odd joke.

Take care of yourself and each other.