320 Mhz Organic Rose Otto Serum oil – review

As promised, here is my review of the beauty product I mentioned in a couple of my previous posts.  Introducing the 320 MHz Organic Rose Otto serum oil.


A brand which is described as 100% natural, the beauty treatment was inspired by ancient botanicals, Botanic science and aromatherapy.  Having tested the face oil serum on the back of my hand, it is very fast absorbing, leaving the skin smooth, supple and moisturised.  I was particularly impressed by it’s rapid absorption and lack of any oily residue.  You only need a drop or 2, as a little goes a very long way.

Using organic Rose Otto essential oil, combined with cold pressed Moringa Oleifera seed extract, the serum support healthy cell regeneration, promotes well being and can help alleviate stress.


At £62 for 50ml, it initially seems outside many people’s beauty budget, however, I disagree. This product has the potential to last at least 6 months, and bearing in mind you only need 1 or 2 drops for your face and neck, after a few weeks you may find that you won’t need other creams and potions.

The only slight grumble I have is with the packaging.  The colour scheme is chic and sophisticated, but if you suffer from poor eyesight, it can be difficult to distinguish which product is which, especially as the text on the label is very small, and doesn’t stand out very much against the dark background.

Aimed at all skin types, using 100% natural aromatherapy grade ingredients, the brand excludes additives, chemical processing, synthetic perfume, fragrance or animal testing. As Valentine’s day is approaching, the serum could serve as an alternative to a bunch of over priced roses, or break the diet box of chocolates. The serum along with other products in the range can be purchased at http://plantmebotanics.com

Rating 4.5 out of 5.


Niche Co. Tea: Skin – review

I recently attended a Collaborative Store event in Marylebone, where they showcased their beautiful clothes range (which is currently on sale, so go and check them out now), as well as a beauty product, which I will post about on Monday, and a simply marvellous brand new tea range by the Niche Co.


The packaging alone is a wonderful feast for the eyes, and is made from recycled card. They are very sturdy, so can be re-used for storage after the tea has been consumed.


A premium tea collection, Niche Tea consists of unique, blended wellness teas, which takes full advantage of the medicinal properties of natural herbs, roots, petals and spices.

A brief conversation with the creator of the brand established that the tea collection was born, like most good things, out of necessity – a need to improve general health and wellbeing, and seeking an alternative to traditional black teas. Marrying the ideology of wellness with an added touch of luxury, the ingredients are ethically sourced globally, and made in the UK.

I liked that this company embraces the notion, what goes inside reflects what happens outside. Having the most expensive creams, lotions and portions will do little without the benefits gained from a healthy diet. I especially like how every aspect of this brand, from the bright environmentally friendly packaging to the ethically sourced ingredients, prove that it is possible to create high-end, high quality products, without it costing a fortune, or the Earth.


I sampled the ‘Skin’ tea, and was immediately impressed by its delicious taste. Sometimes, floral or herbal teas have a disappointing bland flavour and a strong, often synthetic aroma that bears no correlation to the actual taste of the tea.  This is not the case with Niche Co. tea, the sample I tried was very drinkable, flavourful and refreshing.


For £10 you get 15 biodegradable pyramid bags. The Skin tea is described as a delicate white tea, paired with herbs and flowers thought to promote beautiful skin, including Burdock root, red clover, rose petals and rose hip.

Other teas in the collection are designed to improve hair and energy levels, promote sleep and aid digestion.

I highly recommend the Skin tea in terms of flavour, and hope soon to try the other varieties so I can report back. These teas would be ideal gifts for the tea connoisseur in your life, for people wanting a change from other herbal teas, or for those wishing to supplement their diets with a tea which may aid certain ailments. These teas are most definitely worth a try.

Rating: 5 out of 5


3 quick and simple DIY Christmas centrepieces

In case you missed it, and well done if you have, Christmas is nearly here. It can be a very expensive time of year, so if you would like to save some cash but still want to participate in the season’s festivities, why not try these 3 quick, simple and affordable Christmas table decorations?

  • Candle and Cones


Years ago, I purchased a bag of pine cones from my local florist, for the grand sum of 50p. Of course you can collect them for free if you are lucky enough to live near a forest, but note you may have to seek permission first. Pine cones last for years, I keep mine in a cardboard box along with my other Christmas decorations.

Using a large candle, with 3 wicks to represent the holy trinity (it is a religious festival after all), I centre it on a heat proof glass plate, then I cover the plate with the pine cones.

As with all candles, never leave lit candles unattended. Be extra careful as pine cones are great tinder material!

For an alternative, try using a ring oasis, which can be purchased from Wilkos for around £3.50. Ensure that you give the oasis a good soak and then decorate with a mixture of evergreen foliage, baubles, pine cones and other Christmas decorations. Place on a plate, and add a large pillar candle in the middle.


  • Vases and Fairy Lights

If you have 3 or 5 vases of varying heights and widths, you can create a stunning centrepiece.  Fill one of the vases with evergreen foliage, one with pine cones, another with baubles, one with battery operated fairy lights and one with tinsel.


Here I used 3 vases – one was filled with different types of pine cones, another with foliage from the garden and the middle one with baubles and battery operated lights. Instant centrepiece using items I already own.


  • Bauble Cake Stand

Bauble Cake Stand.jpg

This is cake stand came from IKEA.


Picture source: Ikea.com.

At under £10, it is an affordable centrepiece in it’s own right. Add some baubles, and hang some decorations from the lid and you have made a festive treat for the eyes. Hey, it’s healthier than filling the stand with cake.

Did I just say that?

Dirty Works: You Soft Touch Hand Cream – sample review

You Soft Touch hand cream by Dirty Works
Dirty Works – You Soft Touch hand cream review by Champagne Twist

Wow! This was a little shocker.  I had received a 10ml sample of hand cream in the post and thought, ‘ooh, nice surprise’.  Then I tried it. As a hand cream, it softens skin, leaving them lovely and smooth. There’s no greasy residue, when applied the cream sinks into the skin easily and quickly, basically everything you would expect from a good hand cream.

But the real gem is the scent. It is one of the most gorgeous smelling hand creams I have ever tried.  Sort of coconutty, with tropical floral notes. Dirty Work’s should seriously consider producing the scent as a perfume (- and if they do I want a cut please – or at least a credit!)

As regular readers will know, I like making my own creams from nut butters, including cocoa and shea.  But if you’re looking for a stocking filler or an affordable beauty treat,  you won’t go far wrong with this. Containing cocoa butter, jojoba and shea, the hand cream has not been tested on animals.

It’s not often that a product ticks all the boxes, it’s hard for me to find fault, as even the price is right at £2.50 per 100ml tube.  Dirty Works ‘You Soft Touch’ hand cream, rivals designer brands in terms of quality and smells far nicer than most.

Rating: 5 out of 5 (Yes I’m that impressed!).

Disclaimer: I had been sent a free sample of this item from Sainsbury’s.


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Twistmas - blogging everyday in December
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Jo Malone – Lime Basil and Mandarin – sample review

Jo Malone Samples
Jo Malone Samples


Champagne Twist champagnetwist.wordpress.com
Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne Champagne Twist champagnetwist.wordpress.com

This is the second of 2 free samples I’m reviewing – the Lime Basil and Mandarin frangramce from Jo Malone.

The mandarin is very present in this fragrance and teamed with the unusual lime basil, makes for a very pleasant scent. However for me, it didn’t hit the high notes of the mimosa & cardamom or the peony & blush suede. I’m not such a fan of citrus fragrances and as much as I liked the mandarin notes, it’s not enough for me to venture into purchasing a large bottle of this cologne.

However, when I mixed this with the mimosa & cardamom, I did like the combination. Famous for its fragrance combination, Jo Malone lime basil & mandarin is definitely worth a try on it’s own, but I would suggest experimenting by mixing this with your favourite perfume, creating something unique for you. It adds a herby, citrus scent which may help to balance out spicy or floral fragrances.

Nice cologne on it’s own, but better combined with other fragrances.

Rating 3 out of 5



Jo Malone – Peony and Blush Suede – sample review


I have been wondering about this fragrance for months, after hearing such rave reviews from the bloggers such as Chase Amie.  I recently purchased the Mimosa and Cardamom cologne, and as luck would have it, I was able to select the Peony & Blush Suede cologne  as one of my 2 free samples.


I love how this is packaged – ready to be gifted as a Christmas socking filler, as part of a gift package or as a gift in it’s own right.

I like floral and spicy scents, so I was very intrigued with the name of this scent and wondered if I would find it too floral.  Well, I can now understand why this is such a popular fragrance. I would say it has a very feminine style, but thankfully not sickly sweet in nature. It has a non-floral undertone which I believe stems from the blush suede, making this a fragrance that can easily be worn day or night.

This cologne would suit those who like feminine perfumes with subtle floral notes and leather undertones. It has good staying power and while not as encapsulating as the Mimosa and Cardamom cologne, this is fast becoming a favourite.

Oh dear, I think I have found a new way to be poor!

Rating 4/5

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Thanks for reading

Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom Cologne – Review

This is an update of the review of the Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom cologne sample I received last year.

I took advantage of the recent Black Friday sale, and much to my surprise, a package arrived just 3 days later.

Here it is …


I can not fault the free gift ready packaging.  The free samples, which I will review in a separate post, are also a nice touch, especially as I got to choose 2 out of a selection of 4.

I’m also very pleased to say that the scent of the sample marries that of the final product.  I took a risk in purchasing the large bottle, as I felt that it was more economical than buying the smaller bottle.  Even so, at over £80, it was not a small risk.

The only down side – the external packaging.  Eek! If you’re a friend of the environment, please look away now!


Such a big box, for such a small item, and so much waste filler!  Fear not my Earth friends, this is going to be recycled in my compost heap to help grow my potatoes next year.  But gosh, it does seem a bit much.

Overall rating 4.5/5 – losing 0.5 for the external packaging.

Half year review – January to June 2016

It’s the beginning of July – I’m not quite sure how that happened so fast. It feels like I’ve only just packed away my Christmas decorations, and I’m still wearing winter clothes.  Time to do a half year review.


mgbsr logo

Started my Great Big Sewing Challenge, a year long project to make clothes from my huge haberdashery stash.

Arts and crafts: Silk Cami top,

Recipes: Chocconut Honeycomb, Golden Honeycomb, Focaccia Bread

Events: What is luxury? V&A/Craft Council exhibition




In February I started planning for the growing season – including growing my own free food project. Sadly due to the rubbish weather and an army of slugs and snails, some of the plants have died, such as the fennel and dill. But the potatoes and lettuce seem to be doing well, which reminds me – stayed tuned for some recipes featuring my very own garden produce.

Arts and crafts: Bailen top, Liberty Lobelia top, Pineapple skirt

Recipes: Soda Bread, Wholemeal Shortcrust Pastry, Roman Bread

Events: Champers on Kollabora



Highlight of the month has to be the Bloggers’ Market, which I reviewed here.

I joined Instagram, and I liked it! Actually, it’s becoming rather an addiction, please visit and subscribe to my Instagram link here.

Sadly, I posted about 2 very poor meals at the Potato Project and the Tea Rooms at the William Morris Gallery. Please avoid, if you value your taste buds.

Recipes: Apple and Celeriac Salad, Bajan Beer Bread, Coconut and Lime drizzle mini loaves

Events: Bloggers’ Market, Champagne Twist on Instagram



I set to work on a little project – my first photography exhibition. I also visited the Gagosian Gallery, which was very disappointing.

Events: Avedon Warhol exhibition



May was a busy month, marking my very first co-hosted photography exhibition!

Arts and crafts: Henley skirt, Ghislaine Chelsea Hair Tie

Events:  Paddington Views Photography Exhibition, Geffrye Museum, Lulu Guinness Modern Day Icons event, Book Review – The Great British Sewing Bee: From Stitch to Style by Wendy Gardiner



I revamped the Champagne Twist social network and started the 1 hour GBSB challenge.

Arts and crafts: Birdie Cami, Daisy Meadow Dress

Recipes: Potato, Asparagus and Cheese Tart, Elderflower and Pineapple Refresher

Events: Champagne Twist revamp, GBSB Challenge 


What’s planned for the next 6 months:

There will be a 3/4 year review, planned for September, more about my sewing adventures and more recipes, including a … well I shall leave that as a surprise, please watch this space.

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Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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