Spring clean your wardrobe in 1 weekend – day 2


Spring clean theme for March - Champagne Twist

Friday has finally arrived, and I hope you are looking forward to the weekend. Yesterday I posted suggestions on how to steal a March (see what I did there?) on spring cleaning your wardrobe, focusing on sorting your Autumn and Winter clothing before storing. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, please click this link.

Today, I’m posting suggestions on how to tackle your Spring and Summer clothing for the coming season.

Spring Clean Your Wardrobe in 1 Weekend –

Day 2

Saturday morning

Arise nice and early, make yourself a hearty breakfast and set to work on sorting out your wardrobe. Ideally the following should be completed by 12.30pm.

  • Anything that needs mending, set aside, you will be repairing these later this evening or tomorrow.
  • Anything that needs dry cleaning, add to your dry cleaning bag you started last night.
  • Anything that needs washing, add to the laundry pile.
  • Next, quickly sort out the clothes you don’t want or need any more. Spend no more than an hour doing this, and be ruthless. If you haven’t worn it in a year and it’s not of sentimental value, out it goes. If it doesn’t fit, say bye bye. If you have never ever worn it, and it’s in good condition, consider selling it or send it to the charity shop. Either way, it’s leaving. If you can alter it to make it into something new, then by all means keep it, but be honest with yourself. Will you have time to adjust your items in the next 12 months? If you know you won’t, consider donating your clothing instead.

You should now have:

  • a set of Autumn/Winter clothes drying,
  • a set of Spring/Summer clothes in the wash,
  • a set of clothes ready to take to the dry cleaners,
  • a set of clothes ready for repairing or altering,
  • a set of clothes for the charity shop.

SC wardrobe

That’s enough hard work, time for tea and cake.

Saturday early afternoon

Time now to take your stuff to the dry cleaners/seamstress/charity shop etc. Aim to be back home by 2.30pm.

When you return, make yourself a hearty lunch with loads of fruit, veg and plenty of water. Enjoy, for work starts again at 3.30pm.

Saturday late afternoon

Time to check the washing – hopefully they should have dried and be ready for ironing and/or storage.  That said, this is England, where it rains … a lot.  Do what you can!

Take a good look at the remaining clothes and your notes of the clothes you have taken for repair and/or dry cleaning, you will need these later.

Is there anything missing from your wardrobe? Do you need a pair of jeans, or a little black dress? Perhaps you fancy a new shirt, or some Summer shorts. Make another list of any gaps in your clothing collection.

Saturday evening

It’s Saturday night. You can have a night in and start on the mending in front of the TV, or enjoy a well deserved night out.  Whatever you do, enjoy yourself, Spring is here!

Tomorrow, I will post further suggestions on how to Spring Clean Your Wardrobe. You are 2/3rds of the way done now. Whooppee!

I hope you are liking this mini series so far, if you have any comments and/or suggestions, please write them in the comment box below.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the final instalment tomorrow.

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