review reebok zone crushrun trainers

Review: Zone Crushrun running shoes by Reebok

Well, here’s a first! A review of trainers.  As a person who once ran a marathon, and now regards walking to the front door as an unnecessarily onerous task (I blame the internet!), I haven’t had the need to purchase a pair of trainers for a long while.

Sadly, my last pair of trainers recently went to the great gym in the sky, which prompted the search for a new pair.  I tend to stick to Reebok, as they are affordable, stylish and are designed to do what they are supposed to do – protect my feet while I travel around town.

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Then I found the perfect trainer. The colour way is described as ‘Fierce fuchsia / Royal orchid / White / Solar yellow’ or in English, Purple. I have fully embraced the technicolour sportswear look. Plus they go well with my bag.

But more important than looks is the comfort.  Within a mere few minutes, I had forgotten I was wearing any footwear, these trainers are that comfortable.  Before, like most people, my trainers had to be ‘broken in’, but not these. Straight from the box, they were ultra comfy.

review reebok zone crushrun trainers
Reebok Zone Crushrun running shoes

I have walked in them for 5 hours and run in them for a total of 2 hours. So far, I haven’t had any problems with rubbing, or foot pain.  So if you’re thinking about replacing your trainers, you could do worse than try these. Currently on sale at a brilliant £24, these trainers are an absolute bargain, and a strong contender for best buy of 2016.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

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