Review - Geffrye Museum Cafe

Geffrye Museum Cafe – Review


Yesterday I posted a review about the Geffrye Museum, mainly concentrating on the gardens, which are a must see. Today, I’m reviewing the cafe.

Like the museum gardens, I was initially rather impressed with the cafe.  It has a relaxed, spacious atmosphere, plenty of seating and welcoming to young and old alike.

I ordered a lemon and poppy seed cake and English Breakfast tea. Unfortunately as it was late in the day, the lemon and poppy seed cake had to be substituted for a chocolate cake.  How I do so suffer for my art.

Review - Geffrye Museum Cafe
Chocolate cake – or is it? Geffrye Museum of the Home Cafe review

Now, here’s the slight grumble I have – the cake wasn’t presented, I feel, as well as it could.  It would have been nice if the cake was served standing on it’s bottom, as pictured above, rather than on it’s side.  It’s not a big deal, but a little effort in presentation does go a long way.

Also of concern, it was obvious that the cake had not been cut with a clean knife, as evidenced by the crumbs of another cake appearing on the top of my slice.  In itself it’s not a big deal, but it does bring questions to my mind about possible cross contamination. I don’t want doubts like that to enter my head, when I’m about to indulge in the task of eating chocolate cake.

The strawberry decoration looked a little stale and didn’t taste all that fresh or flavoursome. The cake was a little dry at the bottom. It had a fairly good chocolate flavour, but nothing to write home about.

Grubby milk jug

There was also a few stains on the outside of the milk jug, which was disappointing to see. But, I have to say, the tea tasted nice and was piping hot, and I was given a generous quantity of milk. So that’s three up on the William Morris Museum Cafe.

However, another more serious faux pas, came to light when I received the bill.  The cake turned out to be a Guinness chocolate cake – not that I could taste any Guinness. Fortunately, I’m not an alcoholic, or have allergies to alcohol. I’m sure that any alcohol got up and left the building as soon as the cake was placed in the oven. However, as far as I recall, there was no mention of alcohol as an ingredient, of this standard looking chocolate cake.  After the recent conviction of a restauranteur for the manslaughter of a customer, who had an allergic reaction to a takeaway meal, I think it would be wise for the cafe to review the menu and train their staff accordingly.

For the grand total of £6.50 (Tea £2.75, Cake £3.75), price wise it’s not too bad – the price of the cake a little steep, but can’t fault the tea.

The service was good, if a little slow, considering there were not many customers at the time, and I had a lovely view of the gardens.  More positives than negatives, but with a few tweeks, this could be a top notch eatery.

Rating 5 out of 10 (a point knocked off for the possible cross contamination of the cake, stained milk jug and not stating that the cake contained Guinness.)

Great for tea lovers, but maybe not for cakes lovers.

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