the potato project cafe and takeaway

The Potato Project – Review

Hello everyone,

Another food review for you to digest! A small group of us searching for a healthy snack on our way home from shopping, discovered the new eatery The Potato Project. Based in Soho, the cafe and take-away on Noel Street, boasts a menu of tempting baked potatoes, with far from usual toppings.  With sweet potatoes also available as an alternative to the humble spud, it makes a change from deep fried chips and calorie laden pizza slices usually on offer, after a full day’s gallery visiting and shopping.

the potato project cafe and takeaway
The Potato Project, Soho, London

Not wanting a huge meal, I plumped for Spicy Wedges, Sour Cream & Crispy Onion for a very reasonable £3.50.  I also tried an orange drink, which I will review in a separate post.  The range of drinks was impressive as were the prices charged. The total cost of was the princely sum of just £5.

While the cafe is well laid out, the staff kind, friendly and helpful and the general atmosphere welcoming, there are a couple of issues I have with this cafe.  It is very small, and while the owners have made the most of the available space, it was difficult for the group to eat our meals with comfort on the tiny tables. It would be near impossible for people with mobility difficulties to move around the cafe. It’s difficult to imagine how a small group of friends could pack themselves in during the busy lunchtime rush – with the minimum of baggage, let alone loads of shopping.

The main problem I have however, was that the wedges I had were over cooked.  The mixed spices used were lovely, the sour cream and crispy onion delicious, but the wedges themselves were burnt, leaving an acrid after taste.  A pity, because apart from that, everything else was pretty much perfect.

potato project

My friends had baked potatoes and the toppings looked and from their accounts, tasted great. I suppose I was just unlucky with my choice.

To be fair, we rocked up about 40 minutes before closing time and it was clear that we were consuming the last of the day’s stock. Service was quick and efficient and this new eatery on paper, has all the makings of a success.  The prices are reasonable and the menu exciting, but food quality control needs addressing, especially at the end of the day.

With reluctance, I can’t give The Potato Project the high rating I wish I could, but I continue to have high hopes for the future for this eatery, because the concept is simply brilliant.

Rating: 4 out of 10

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