My Great Big Sewing Resolution 2016: The Schedule

Sewing Resolution 2016

The 31st January deadline has final arrived, and I’m making a few more cheeky last minute purchases, before the self inflicted shopping ban is in full force. As a reminder, I have vowed not to buy any more fabric or sewing related materials until I have used up at least 20% of my current stash.  In order to justify this spending spree, here are my sewing plans for 2016.

Sewing Plans
Sewing Plans 2016 – sketches. Champagne with a twist

2016 Sewing List:

  1. Cami Dress – yellow
  2. Vintage Shirt Dress – floral print
  3. Spring Woodland Dress
  4. Bicycle Dress
  5. ‘Portrait’ Skirt
  6. 1940s Tea Dress – red floral print
  7. Chanel Inspired Jacket
  8. Casual Smart Jacket
  9. Study Hall Skirt
  10. Sewing Apron
  11. D&G Inspired Daisy Dress (re-fashion project)
  12. Sun Dress – CK blue print (completion project)
  13. ‘Fashionista’ Circle Skirt (completion project)
  14. ‘Speakeasy’ Needlecord Skirt (re-fashion project)
  15. ‘Knobby Knee’ Skirt
  16. Various soft furnishing projects

Items made so far this year:

  1. Silk Cami – green satin
  2. Bailen Camisole top
  3. ‘Pineapple’ Self Drafted Skirt with Slanted Pockets
  4. Liberty Lobelia Top

Items in progress:

  1. Kimono

Quite a list don’t you think!

As I progress, I shall be posting more sketches, mood boards and general background information about items I am making, as well as sewing related tips I discover along the way.

Tomorrow, I shall post my DIY plans for 2016, including my perhaps over ambitious ideas for the study.

Have you started your New Years Resolutions? Have you kept any of them? Feel free to share your plans below in the comments box.

See you tomorrow!

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