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Sewing Resolutions

We’ve reached mid January.  How did that happen? Reaching this significant moment, it’s time to plan my Summer wardrobe.  After half a week of very cold weather, I’m over it. Winter coats, fluffy jumpers, wellington boots … enough already. I want to wear t-shirts, floaty trousers and sun hats.

But first, I have to make them.  Over the years I have gathered a huge stash of fabrics, trimmings and sewing patterns, and while I have half heartedly attacked this stash, this year, I fully intend to make a serious dent in my fabric collection and fill my wardrobe with lovely, hand made, unique Spring and Summer clothes.

So I hereby state, I, after the end of this month, will not buy any more fabric until I have reduced my stash by at least 20%.

Sewing Resolution 2016.png

Cue massive fabric shopping spree.

Are you a sewing enthusiast? Do you have a mountainous stack of material ready to stitch? Do you have more than one large jar of fabulous buttons? Share your sewing stories and plans with us! Please comment below and subscribe to Champagne with a Twist, to follow my Sewing Resolutions and results for 2016.


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