Review: Tea at Le Pain Quotidien, 41 Great Marlborough Street, London


This was my first ever visit to Le Pain Quotidien,  but I’m sorry to report I wasn’t impressed.

I ordered a pain au chocolate and a pot of English breakfast tea.  The waiter praised how wonderful our order was, before we had the chance to sample it.  I thought it was a little presumptive, and as it turned out, false praise from the over familiar waiter. The tea arrived luke warm and the pastry disappointingly stone cold and très petite. The pastry had the texture and I suspect the flavour of cardboard. The chocolate had an artificial taste, what little was there. The tea pot was smaller than the tea cup – always a bad sign, but in fairness there was a full, decent sized milk jug, which saved me from asking for more.

I left feeling that at over £7, I paid far too much for what was essentially a single cup of generic tea and a small piece of cheap quality, flaky pastry encasing a cube of dubious tasting chocolate.  Leaving a cafe more hungry than when I arrived, having spent that amount of money, doesn’t make for a positive vibe. Whist the initial atmosphere of the café was inviting, I would be very reluctant to return any time soon.

Rating: 1.5 out 10

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